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Services & Rates

Urban Fusion has many options available to suit your lifestyle. We realize that everyone has different needs and priorities so we customize your service based on your individual requirements.

- Weekly, bi weekly and monthly set scheduled cleans that focus on maintaining a clean house
- Move in and Move out professional, detailed, deep cleans
- Seasonal available to our regular clients for extras and deeper cleans throughout the year

Organizing and clutter clearing – a custom service to make space and clear unnecessary piles, chaos and let go of things that no longer serve you. We work beside you on this one! Garbage. Recycle. Give away. By the end of this process everything has a home, a purpose and a place.

Referral Program – Urban Fusion is a referral based business. All of our clients are referred from other clients or who have heard about us through word of mouth. We like it that way! Local networking is a part of growing community. As a way of thanking our clients for passing our name on and supporting our business we offer a two hour free clean to each client every time we secure a new long term client.

Pass it forward!
All Urban Fusion cleaning products and aromatherapy is included in our rates. We include all equipment, vacuums, mops, cloths, dusters and other specialty tools necessary to provide you with a sparkling home.

Price varies according to pets, children, area of town and general upkeep of the home.
For a free estimate, call 250-885-6582 or email urbanfusioncleaning@gmail.com

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